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Exporting to Iraq

Certificate of Conformity Iraq

Tap into new markets with the export of your products to Iraq

Do you want to export your products to Iraq? Take advantage of the positive growth forecasts for the Iraqi economy and have your products certified with a Certificate of Conformity. With this internationally recognized certificate, you are able to document that your products comply with the Iraqi safety requirements.

We support you in the international approval of your goods for Iraq. As a commissioned certification body, we are authorized to conduct pre-inspections and to test and issue certificates of conformity for your goods. We are well acquainted with the Iraqi national and international standards which are included in the ICIGI (Pre-Importation Inspection, Testing & Certification Program of Goods to Iraq) program for importing goods into Iraq. With us at your side, you are able to tap into the Iraqi market.

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Create the best conditions for successful trading in Iraq with a CoC for the export of your goods

Through the uncomplicated and cost-effective issuance of a Certificate of Conformity for your products, we support you in the rapid exploitation of the Iraqi market. In obtaining a CoC, you create the best conditions for successful trading in Iraq. It allows you take advantage of the country's economic upswing and boost your own sales. With a certified compliance with Iraqi standards, you also ensure that your products arrive safely and punctually at their destination and thus save unnecessary costs.

Your Certificate of Conformity for exporting to Iraq in five steps

The issuance of a certificate of conformity for the exporting of goods to Iraq follows our proven, 5-step process:

  1. Review of your documents
  2. Product testing (if necessary)
  3. Pre-shipment inspection (required for certain products)
  4. Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity

The ICIGI program ensures that all goods imported into Iraq meet a minimum of safety in terms of consumer protection and environmental compatibility. It includes the following product categories:

Certificate of Conformity for exporting to Iraq

Tap into the Iraqi market with our experience

As a reliable and globally recognized certification partner, we have been verifying and certifying Certificates of Conformity for all products intended for export to Iraq and fulfilling Iraqi security requirements on behalf of the Iraqi Standardization Agency (COSQC) since 2013. Our experts have many years of experience with the import regulations for products and are the right partner for your approval for entering the Iraqi market.

If your wish is to open up new market opportunities by exporting your products to Iraq, please contact our experts today!

Frequently asked questions about exporting to Iraq

Would you like to learn more about exporting your products to Iraq? Below you’ll find the answers to several frequently asked questions.

Further information on exporting to Iraq