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Different Product Qualities - ONE (Combined)-Mark!

Up to Four in one Go!

With the DIN-Geprüft combined mark, you can show efficiently and clearly that your product meets various product qualities. By combining a number of certified quality aspects, the product labelling and overview of the product's qualities is significantly facilitated for manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

Our combined mark can make product labelling this easy:


Please note: This certification mark is an example. Other combinations are possible in dependence on the properties of the product.

Whether the product is suitable for industrial composting, home and garden composting, or whether the product is made from renewable raw materials or recycled material, you can document several of these product qualities at the same time with our internationally recognised DIN-Geprüft certification mark.

You can label a wide range of products with the combined mark:

  • finished products (e.g. dishes, beakers, bags, packaging)
  • materials (e.g. granulate)
  • semi-finished products (e.g. blank film)

DIN CERTCO certificates based on our certification programme are a prerequisite for using the combined mark:

More detailed information on the testing and certification criteria can be found in the relevant certification scheme. Please use the relevant link.

Quality criteria

The combined mark can be issued as soon as the product has at least two valid certificates for the above DIN CERTCO-certifications.

Testing and Assessment

Following a positive assessment, DIN CERTCO will issue an additional certificate for the combined mark, which is based on the validity of the existing certifications. Once one of the certifications has expired, an application for a renewal of the DIN-tested combined mark can be made.