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The EU timber regulation (Directive (EU) No. 995/2010) came into effect on 2010-10-20 and is obligatory for all products listed in its annex since 2013-03-03.

Monitoring Organisations provide assistance with the creation of systems according to the requirements of the EU timber regulation (EUTR). These organisations have to be recognized by the EU. DIN CERTCO is such a recognized Monitoring Organisation.

Our service is to provide you with assistance for the implementation of requirements of EUTR. This requires the use of a due diligence system (DDS) by operators of timber and timber products within the EU.

The due diligence includes the gaining of access to information on species and country of harvest, and facts on suppliers and the supply chain. Based on these information a risk assessment whether this material stems from illegal logging is conveyed. In case of identified risk, risk mitigation becomes necessary.

This means that operators placing timber or timber products on the European market have to prove a low risk that these products have been illegally harvested.

Traders, handling timber and timber products that have already been introduced to the EU are required to provide traceability by documenting basic information on its suppliers and its buyers.

Due Diligence Systems can be created by the operators themselves or based on the documentation of recognized Monitoring Organisations (MO).

DIN CERTCO created such a due diligence system and has received recognition by the EU on 2015-06-01.

You can download further information from this website (see documents).

Testing basics

In our role as Monitoring Organisation our service is the implementation of the EUTR, based on the requirements of the EU timber regulation (Directive (EU) No. 995/2010). The directive aims to prevent illegal timber import into the EU and thereby reducing illegal logging globally.

The specifications for our services with regard to EUTR requirements are listed in the scheme rules.

The way to the mark

If you do not wish to receive a quotation, the schedule of fees in their current version apply. To start the certification process please send in the signed and stamped application form.

Upon receipt of your application we will assign a reviewer who will contact you to make an appointment. The system will then be implemented at your company in cooperation with the expert. Following the review with a positive outcome, you will receive the right to use the due diligence system (DDS).

Furthermore we offer a review for specific supply chains. After a positive assessment you will receive a report with the results of the risk analysis.