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Biodegradable in Soil

Biodegradable in Soil

The certification of products biodegradable in soil refers to manufactured items, which have been developed for application in or on soil. For example this could be mulching films, plant pots, cords or plant clips.

DIN-Geprüft biodegradable in soil

The internationally recognized „DIN-Geprüft“ mark from DIN CERTCO can now also be awarded to products which are biodegradable in soil. The certification is based on the following technical rule and certification scheme:

  • DIN SPEC 1165 (CEN/TR 15822)Plastics - Biodegradable plastics in or on soil - Recovery, disposal and related environmental issues
  • Certification scheme „Biodegradable in Soil“

Biodegradable in Soil

The following tests are required in accordance with the technical rule DIN SPEC 1165 (CEN/TR 15822) and the certification scheme mentioned above:

  • Chemical characterization
  • Testing on biodegradability in soil
  • Disintegration in soil
  • Plant compability (ecotoxicity test)
  • Infrared-Transmission Spectrum

Thanks to the modular nature of the certification scheme, the scope of testing can be minimised, for example, by using materials which have already been tested and certified.

The tests must be carried out in a testing laboratory which has been approved by DIN CERTCO.


he certification of materials (for example granulates) and semi-finished items (for example films) is valid for 6 years, the validity of certificates of end-products is 5 years.

Verification test

All registered or certified products undergo regular verification by means of IR spectroscopy. Chemical characterisation also has to be conducted once during the term of the certificate/registration validity.